Proof Positive – The PINK Method Works (Photo Update)

I can hardly believe how fast time is going.  With a total weight-loss of 27 pounds and an overall total of 21 inches, I honestly look and feel like a new person.  I have not yet reached my total weight-loss goal, but given the amount of success I’ve seen in a relatively short amount of time, I feel even more motivated to continue the work of the PINK Method.

Unfortunately, after consulting my physician,  I am unable to  use the PINK Method workout plan due to knee issues I’ve been dealing with for many years. The form and pace of the workout videos are not conducive to someone like me.  This doesn’t mean the workouts wouldn’t work for others, but after doing a few of them and knowing the form that is encouraged by trainers and health officials, I’ve decided the work out videos put me at risk for knee injury.

The most vital component to my success on the PINK Method  has been the eating plan and cultural mentality about being more in control of my eating habits and willingness to take care of myself. I have not worked out a lot, but my new focus will be to work out more frequently and focus on building additional muscle tone.

I will continue eating the way PINK recommends and have found a fitness program that focuses on the proper form and pacing I’m accustomed to when working out.  I plan to review and share the details of the program on this blog in the next upcoming weeks for those looking for an alternative to the pink workouts. So, stay tuned for that.

Until then, I will share a few more contrast photos showing the progress I feel I have made on the PINK Method Diet.

As always, thank you for reading and for your continued support.


Here is the front view side by side: 



…….and a back view side-by side


…now the back view side by side



I have more work ahead of me, but I do feel like, for the first time in a long time, I am finding my way back to me…one step at a time.

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I try to respond to everybody.



Pink Primary Power and the My Fitness Pal website

I am entering into the 5th week of the P.I.N.K. Method diet and I am down a total 25 pounds. What’s even better is the fact that I lost 6 of those 25 pounds within the last week. This is at a time when some people are seeing a slowdown in their weightloss efforts. If this sounds like you,  I want to help you get back up to speed, so I’ll share something that helped me this week.

Last week I  loss one pound.  I worked out a total of three times and felt I had done well on the diet.

Don’t get me wrong, One pound is a victory on the scale. But it seemed I had put forth too much effort for such a low number. Something wasn’t right, but I wasn’t going to torture myself. The scale didn’t go up. It didn’t stay the same. It went down. That’s a victory.

The number on the scale is merely a rating of our dieting behavior on a week to week basis. It is not an indictment on who we are as a person. If you want to see different results, you just tweak what you are doing a little bit and move forward.

So this week I  decided to tweak things a bit.

One of the things the PINK Method lacks that I believe is truly instrumental in weight-loss success, at least for me any way, is the ability to track what I am eating. The PINK Method website doesn’t do a very good job of providing a reliable tracker. To compensate,   I created a nice Excel spreadsheet to track my calories, but I didn’t have a resource to track my nutrient intake, like how much sodium, sugar and fiber I consume in a day. Then last week all of that changed when I discovered My Fitness is a great website that helps you track, not just calories, but nutrients too. You can pre-program all of your PINK food values and using it becomes even more efficient. I even downloaded the app on my android phone. I tell you it made all of the difference. If you don’t have an account, sign up, it is free.

When I entered all of my food, I saw an upward trend in how much sugar I was consuming on a daily basis. Even though the sugar source was from healthy foods like oatmeal, greek yogurt, fruit and even some vegetables, the amount I was taking in was keeping me from seeing larger numbers on the scale. So this week, I was more mindful of my sugar intake and the benefit was seeing a 6 pound weight-loss.

Now every week won’t be as big as this week. There may be weeks where I stay the same or don’t lose as much, but any loss is a victory. Using a tool like will give me the data  I need to see my behavior trends. With this level of knowledge, I will have the Power to stay on track during the PINK Primary.

Monday starts a new RESET phase for 4 days…Next week I’ll be doing a pic update. Stay Tuned….

What kind of power moves did you make this week? Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear about them.


If you are interested in joining up with me at My Fintess Pal, my username is liberatedmommy.

A Letter to My Younger, Thinner Self

Yesterday, Susan Vernicek at Identity Magazine challenged Bloggers on Twitter to write a letter to their younger selves. Hers was amazing. I was terrified of the challenge, which is why I have decided to do it.

If I wrote a letter to my younger and thinner self, here is how it would read.

Dear Dia,

At the time of this photo it is 2005. Sure, you’re smiling on the outside, but on the inside you’re hoping you don’t look fat when the film is developed.

When the photos come in, you are surprised at how…well, thin and pretty you look.

Shortly after this photo is taken your life enters a period of great turmoil. The next 7 years will be very challenging and you will have to contend with weight issues unlike ever before.

You’ll end up putting this picture on the refrigerator to remind yourself of the place you want to get back to. You couldn’t appreciate the body you had then, but you can appreciate it now.

I hope I don’t mess with the space time continuum Doc Brown warned us about in Back to the Future by writing this letter. But, I want to provide you with 12 insightful things I now know to help you along the journey. Here it goes….


1. The relationship you are in at the time of this picture is going to hit a rough patch. Stick with it. Everyone makes mistakes and I know this is hard for you to believe, but you are not perfect and without blame either. Plus, in about 6 years, he is going to ask you to marry him. Say Yes.

2. Shortly after this picture is taken, you are going to leave a good paying job to start your own notary business with a childhood friend. Everyone will think you are crazy and you are. The business will fail and change the friendship, but the life lessons will be priceless. Shortly thereafter, you will discover you are pregnant. Long story. Don’t panic. It’ll be ok.

3. In 2007, you will give birth to another daughter. She will arrive 12 weeks early because like you, she is impatient. You and the baby will be fine. Mr. Imperfect is right there with you. The whole event is really scary, but the miracle of her birth and her strong will to live will help you all pull through. Important: Don’t be alarmed, but take the CPR classes and take Q with you. Don’t blow this off. The lessons in the class will help you save the baby’s life.

4. Right after giving birth, you will leave the hospital very close to your pre-pregnancy weight. This will not last long. You are going to gain nearly 30 pounds over the course of the next 7 months. Trying to work a demanding job, care for a premature infant and support a 9 year-old going through bullying issues at school will not be easy. The kids will be ok; however, the job situation won’t end so well. It’s all for the best.

5. You will be convinced that your birth control has made you fat and demand the doctor remove it. He’ll do it, but will insist your poor eating habits and lack of exercise are causing the weight gain. You will ignore him. What does he know?

6. It will take nearly 7 months of being laid off with no job prospects, being unfulfilled in your relationship and gaining another 15 pounds for you to realize the doctor was right. You need to eat better and exercise. And Yes, part of your frustration has to do with Mr. Imperfect. But, stick it out. It’s all part of the process.

7. In November 2008, you decide to make a change. You start eating right and exercising and over the course of 3 months you lose nearly 40 pounds. And after deciding to google the word “marketing” instead of “legal” you land an awesome job. Great right? Not so much. You’ll get complacent, go through some stuff and by the end of 2009 the weight will return.

8. Do you see your hair in the picture? Nice right? Well, in 2009 along with dealing with the recurrent issue of weight gain, you’ll be faced with the devastation of having to cut your hair off…to the scalp. Don’t worry, you’re not sick or anything. You did something dumb and messed it up, but big chop makes you feel freer. Bald, but freer. Your hair will grow back, stronger than ever and in the process you’ll learn that sometimes even when things are destroyed and seem beyond repair, something stronger and better can emerge in its place.

9. In September 2010, you get fed up with being out of shape again. You see a Jennifer Hudson commercial and you are blown away at her transformation. You think you can do it, too. You sign up for Weight Watchers and you lose 18 pounds. You look good. But, it’s a false start. Weight Watchers will change the program in a manner unacceptable to you. And you know how you feel about things changing without your prior approval. Right. You give up.

10. You don’t immediately gain the weight back, though. You become more accepting of yourself and start to do the hard internal work that needs to be done to make a permanent external change. You realize any attempt to change the outside without transforming your mind and spirit on the inside is a fallacy. You read a book called The Joy Diet by Martha Beck (its not about food) and it transforms you. This is a good start. Stay on this path. It leads to some major improvements in your relationship and inevitably your weight.

11. In June 2011, you’ll get engaged. You and Mr. Imperfect will realize you both are deeply flawed, but your strengths and weaknesses can work together to make a great team. This moment has been in the making for a long time and you’ll eat your way into those 18 pounds you loss on Weight Watchers just to celebrate. For the most part you are happy and your life feels on track.

12. Brace yourself because  in September 2011, a madman will murder your little brother. Yes, Junior. I know. It hurts even now to write this down. When you see him in August, it will be the last time. Remember to tell him you love him. You will eat your way into another 15 pounds over the course of 3 Months to deal with the pain and grief.  As a result, in December 2011, you will look like this and it will be time to hit the RESET button. Calm, down. It’s Ok. This leads you to realize the only way to overcome the grief is to heal through practicing the lessons you’ve learned over the years and finally start living your best life.

P. S. 

On November 28, 2011, make sure you are home to turn on Dr. Phil. I know you don’t watch Dr. Phil, but do this.

He will introduce a diet called the PINK Method. Order the program and stick with it. The diet is tough, but worth it. The PINK Method will help you take the first steps toward finding your way to me.

At the time of this letter, The Pink Method is helping me find my way back to you.

Stay PINK,

Dia in 2012


If you wrote a letter to your thinner or younger self what would it say?

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Practical Makes Perfect

Let me start off by saying, my expectations for this week ‘s results were very low.

I did not expect to lose any weight for a couple of different reasons. The RESET involved very minimal caloric intake. This week I moved from RESET to PINK Primary, which involves consuming additional calories and the infusion of the PINK workouts.

  • I wasn’t sure the scale would move because I didn’t meet the exercise goal.
  • I worked out 2 days and not the recommended 6.
  • I ate well, but I was eating more than I had the week before.
  • I wasn’t perfect. 

Well I got on the scale today and I am down 4 pounds since last week’s weigh in.

This is when it hit me. It is not about being exact. The P.I.N.K Method does not require you follow the path of perfection. Instead, it encourages you to follow a path of practicality.

This diet is about knowing better which leads to doing better and doing better leads to feeling better.

Here are four Practical Tips for the PINK Method.

1. Seek out your rhythm on the PINK Method. The book says what to do; you have the liberty to decide how you do it. 

2. Be practical, not perfect. Trying to be perfect leads to overeating and feeling defeated. 

3. If you give up on the diet, it’s okay. I do it every night. I just remember to renege the next day and get back to it. 

4. Following the diet to the T, doesn’t guarantee a good result. Strengthening your own intuition and using PINK as the guide will create a sense of knowing better, doing better and inevitably feeling better. 

Keep pushing until the scale says P.I.N.K.

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Reset Weightloss Results……

This means I went from 201 last week to 196 this week.

This makes…………

The equivalent of the average sized…….

I feel good. I feel like I can do this. One day at a time and one pound at a time.

View My Weekly Food Journal

View My Overall Stats

Phase 1 begins tomorrow………………………

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Pushing through the P.I.N.K. Method Madness

I’ll be honest, there is an element of madness to the P.I.N.K. Method Diet.

Let’s take off the rose colored glasses for just a moment. Don’t worry we will put them back on in a minute because success on this diet is all in how you see things.

When it comes down to it, many women are going from consuming nearly 2200 calories a day, a massive amount of carbs and sugar to consuming roughly 700 calories with very little carbohydrates and no sugar for the RESET part of this diet. This is a steep change and for lack of a better word, you begin to feel mad in the process. Feelings very similar to withdrawal. Now, feelings of madness will vary from woman to woman and in some women not exist at all.  I can really only speak from my own experience and some of the comments I’ve seen posted in various forums.

You may begin to think things like:

 “This is insane… What do I have to do? STARVE myself to be thin???”

 “This whole time I thought I was a nice person only to find the carbs were keeping me sedated.”

Or my personal favorite, as one P.I.N.K. Methoder on RESET stated,

I’m so hungry I could eat the @$$ of a flying duck.”

Somehow that one really captured it for me. LOL

No, you are not starving and you aren’t really going mad, but part way through RESET, you may begin to feel like you are. A strange blend of hunger and boredom begins to take over.

Or worse, maybe you are like me and you begin feeling like you can do it on your own. I think this has to be the most dangerous madness of all. This is the madness I have to contend with most often.

Thinking, I can cut the RESET short. I’m in control now. Or, “ FOR CRYING OUTLOUD, I PASSED UP FREE PIZZATWICE.”

But, I know better. That is my inner fat girl screaming to get her own her way and not the rational thinking of the Pink Method Woman I know I am becoming.

So, It’s day 10 of RESET and the fat girl loses. I CAN’T do it on my own, at least not now.

I may be a little crazy, but there is method to my madness.

How are you pushing through the P.I.N.K. Method madness?


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New Results Post coming  Saturday so stay tuned….